Thursday, May 23, 2013

Bob Ewell`s stupid choices

Mockingbird Response #1
In To Kill a Mockingbird, Bob Ewell made one of the cleverest and wise decisions of the novel.  He decided to frame a poor African-American  man, Tom Robinson, for battering and raping his daughter, Mayella.  He decided to frame Tom for this and this turned into the trial of the century in their town.  Atticus Finch, a white lawyer, was going to be the one defending Mr. Robinson in the case.  Because of Bob Ewell`s careless and stupid choices, an innocent man might end up in jail for a crime he could have never committed, and Mayella has to lie about what happened as well.  
In the book, it is during segregation in the Southern United States of America, which is in the 1950`s and 60`s.  So, it is kind of obvious that the jury will contain only white people and they will be most likely racist people.  Poor innocent Tom Robinson will now end up in jail most likely because of ignorant white people  "Well, the night of November twenty-one I was comin‘ in from the woods with a load o’kindlin’ and just as I got to the fence I heard Mayella screamin‘ like a stuck hog inside the house." (Lee 229) This here is Bob Ewell telling a believable load of crap to Mr. Gilmer.  I hate how he was going to get away with the crime he committed.  
During his conviction at the trial, Bob Ewell said, “-I seen that black nigger yonder ruttin` on my Mayella!” (Lee 231).  Bob Ewell exclaimed this hurtful comment while sticking his white, index finger into Tom Robinson`s face.  Tom and him both know Tom was innocent, but Bob would say and do anything to get away with what he did to poor Mayella.  When Tom was asked about Mayella, he did say they chatted here and there, but a safe distance was kept because of Bob`s hate for African-Americans.  
Yet, Bob made another dumb decision.  He thought since Atticus made his reputation worse than it already was, revenge had to be seekin`.  So, being the coward he is, he decided it was a smart idea if he tried killing Jem and Scout.  He attacked the two kids on their way back from the school play.  He stabbed Scout who was dressed like a ham, which saved him because of the wired mesh inside the costume.  Bob Ewell would pay for his dumb decisions as Boo Radley saved the kids by ending the life of the abusive, lying, slimey father.  “He coughed violently, a sobbing, bone shaking cough.” (Lee 351).  This is what Scout heard when Jem was battered first.

Overall, when you make dumb decisions in life, the consequences will eventually come around.  Bob Ewell, framed an innocent African man named Tom Robinson for beating and raping his daughter Mayella, even though he did it.  He was just a rotten apple from the apple tree.  Honestly, I am glad Boo killed that psychotic, delusional moron.

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  1. 1. With a sentence about Bob Ewell and the decision he made. And he choose the first prompt to do.
    2. My Favorite quote from this essay was the one where Bob Ewell called Tom Robinson a Black nigger. It was my Favorite cause it shows how racist they were.
    3. It did well with actually describing the story and the prompt they did.
    4. This essay was the best one I've read to me it was perfect nothing has to be changed in my opinion